Hello everyone

I have created a custom item. Implemented a itemstate listener.if I click on one button when my form is displayed
I get an event,but when - click on the other button after pressing
The otherone I no longer get an event. Problem is
If I click on one custom item iam lo longer receiving events when I click on the other
Button. For example if I click on button 1 will get an event,but when I click on
Button2 I no longer get events for button2. Please help.

orm = new Form("CustomItemMIDletExample");
exit = new Command("Exit", Command.EXIT, 0);

CustomItemExample C1 = new CustomItemExample("Enter");

CustomItemExample C2 = new CustomItemExample("Exit");

public void itemStateChanged(Item item) {

If (item == C1){do something}
If (item == C2){other thing}}