we have developed VOIP apps. i have got crashed when i move in call log details windows, either i leave apps on call log windows or select the the contact from call log after some (almost 10 to 20 second) application get crashed

this problem occur when i have implement balance by using "S60_Platform_HTTP_Client_API_Example_v2_1_en".

I have this two balance link:
when i used first one appliction get crased with above criteria.

1:- _LIT(httpRequestURL,"http://sip ip/noorcall/getclientbalance.do?pin=");

when i have used this second one its work fine there is no problem

2:-_LIT(httpRequestURL,"http://sip ip/customer/showbalance.php?cno=");

can any one help me wats the problem in it or where i have to checke the code regarding this problem.