Hi all,

I am trying to populate a select dropdown list. This is a test code snippet i am trying to implement -
(here, data is an object containing the teams array)

function loadTeams(data){
	var team_str = '<option selected="selected">Choose your team</option>';
	var temp = [];
	for(var i=0;i<data.teams.length;i++){
		temp[i] = data.teams[i];
		team_str += '<option id='+temp[i]+'>'+temp[i]+'</option>';
	document.getElementById('teamlist').innerHTML = team_str;
This is the HTML -

<form id="leagueform" action="">
	<select id="teamlist"></select>

This works fine in the local preview (emulator) for the Series 40 Web Apps, but does not load anything on Asha 310, on which i am testing..

What could be going wrong?

Please help..

PS - its not working even if i use jQuery..