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    REQUEST: 6600 default theme for N70

    Hi.. Im new here... Can anyone post Nokia 6600 Default theme here. I have N70 and i want this theme Tnx

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    Re: REQUEST: 6600 default theme for N70

    This would be great!

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    Re: REQUEST: 6600 default theme for N70

    Note that this idea came up in February 2007, so 6.5 years ago. While it is in a wrong board (questions in Chinese are supposed be here), if nothing happened in such a long time, it unlikely will happen anytime in the future.
    Note that the links to various tools still work on the product specification page, https://developer.nokia.com/Devices/...fications/N70/, so using Carbide.ui Theme Edition you have some chances to re-create the theme. (Just note the Note and get the proper version for the N70, 3.4)

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    Re: REQUEST: 6600 default theme for N70

    Some people are just weird.Registered this month and and the first post is about something happen half a decade ago.

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