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    Nokia S40 Webapp Videoplayer

    I am developing nokia s40 web app..i want to play video in my app anyone please help me

    <a href="#" onclick="mwl.loadURL('http://myvideourl');">Play video</a>

    when i click its not playing its downloading can anyone help me ....
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    Re: Nokia S40 Webapp Videoplayer

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    Re: Nokia S40 Webapp Videoplayer

    hi to all,

    i am developing webapps for s40 full touch. i want to use to play my videos using http or rtsp protocol. content should not allow to download. plz advise me on player, video memory size ,video format, 3G and wifi play mode. is it possible to get any device id or any unique device info to create and access json files. if any sample code or links, will be great helpful. thanks

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    Re: Nokia S40 Webapp Videoplayer

    The only way to play videos on Web apps is the approach mentioned in the FAQ referenced by Wizard_hu_.

    Quote Originally Posted by wizard_hu_ View Post
    Regarding device id, it's not possible to get the IMEI of the device in web apps. You can get the UA (user agent) to know the device model.
    Pankaj Nathani

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