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    Change/replace widgets in layout


    it is a basic question but don't know the solution. I'm not an expert in programming so I use a single screen (whole app in one screen). Some of my apps require dialog boxes or privacy messages that contain more text so I have to use e.g. QTextBrowser to display the text.

    My problem is changing the widgets in one layout. If I have a layout that contains a button, a label and a slider and want to display a QTextBrowser, I probably have to remove all other three widgets and add a new one, right? Is this reasonable and does not do any illegal calls/use ? My code works but not reliably (especially when changing the layout back to the original one). I've been googling but cannot get a clear answer how to do that.
    I'm using QtSDK, C++, no QML.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Change/replace widgets in layout

    Add your TextBrowser on creation of your widget class as a member var. Every QWidget has a show() and a hide() function. Call these functions to hide your TextBrowser at startup. When you want to switch to this TextBrowser, just call hide() on the three other widgets and call show on TextBrowser.

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