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    UDP broadcast not working (Asha 310)


    I'm trying to broadcast a UDP package (datagram) but can't get it to work on the device (Asha 310). Here is my code:

      UDPDatagramConnection conn = (UDPDatagramConnection) Connector.open("datagram://");
      System.out.println("Local address " + conn.getLocalAddress() + ":" + conn.getLocalPort());
      Datagram dg = conn.newDatagram(pPacket.length);
      dg.setData(pPacket, 0, pPacket.length);
    If I use concrete address (e.g. the packet is send without problems. If I use, conn.send() finishes without exception but nothing gets send on the network (checked with Wireshark). If the address is using the correct format to broadcast just in this network segment as above (, conn.send() throws "Failed to send datagram" exception.

    In the simulator still does not work but works just fine. However on the device nothing works (except sending to a concrete, non-broadcast address). Any clues? Is the UDP broadcast possible at all on Asha devices?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: UDP broadcast not working (Asha 310)

    Are your PC and your device using the same network? is the broadcast address for If your phone uses a different network, the address is also different.
    EDIT: Ok, I see you mention it in the middle.

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    Re: UDP broadcast not working (Asha 310)

    Yes, the phone is connected via Wi-Fi to the same network and the subnet mask is, so the broadcast address is It seems like a firmware bug/limitation in S40 phones.

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