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    Why this forum uses reverse message order?

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    Re: Why this forum uses reverse message order?

    Forum Actions above, General Settings (http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...do=editoptions), Thread Display Mode

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    Re: Why this forum uses reverse message order?

    For the moderators, who read a lot of posts, it is really helpful to see last thing changed. For users it doesn't matter so much because they are only tracking their own posts. As Wizard says though, you can change the default view for yourself.

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    Re: Why this forum uses reverse message order?

    When i'm new in this forum i also wonder why the order is reversed but then i didn't know how to change it until now so didn't bother with it.Try change it few days ago so older post is first display and realise it is very hard to track other poster post and also feel "weird" so changed it back to original.

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