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    Question How to make signalR/long pooling work

    I am trying to use SignalR - a real-time web framework - in a Series 40 web app for real-time communication. I'm using the code of official tutorial found at
    with two minor modifications to make it work in mobile web app mode such as phonegap. One on the server side, I enabled cross domain request, on the client side, I specified the hub url explicitly like below
    $.connection.hub.url = "http://xcopy.azurewebsites.net/signalr";
    This works in local preview flawlessly. But not so in cloud preview and emulator. The latter two behaves the same and has major issues described below

    In cloud preview, although I can send message, I couldn't receive message normally. The situation is quite weird. If I don't send any message, I couldn't receive any message. If I send messages, then after about 30 seconds, I can receive all the messages that are sent after the web app started. Then again I couldn't receive any messages anymore until I send another message (even an empty message will do) and then about 30 seconds later, I can get the messages that are sent since last received message.
    I'm using the long pooling as a way to make near real-time communication.

    I don't know how to debug this. It can print log and see the request made to the proxy server though. But I cannot set breakpoint, nor anything else regarding javascript.

    Anyone has any idea how to fix this?

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    Re: How to make signalR/long pooling work

    I'm pretty sure that the reason for your problem is, that only mwl commands are processed locally. All other Javascript has to be executed on he server. What you describe fits in, since you only receive messages if you make a server roundtrip. Unfortunately it isn't possible to have real real time communication, all you can do is creating a timer which checks periodically for new messages (use mwl).
    Or you let the user check manually for new messages via a button.

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    Re: How to make signalR/long pooling work

    Ok, thx for the clarification.

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