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    Lumia 800 - Bootloader locked


    i actually develop an Business App that handels with sensible patient data. For this is high secure level i need root access to the bootloader. Now, my Lumia 800 has an DLoad, which is locked. With this locked Bootloader i can't code my app at the secure level i need. Is there any way to unlock the DLoad Bootloader or access them with special code? Microsoft has actually no native API to this.

    Any help is very much appreciated.

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    Re: Lumia 800 - Bootloader locked

    While I am no security expert, I would expect that isolated storage and runtime sandboxing makes it difficult to spy on other applications, so encrypting the data provides high protection level. User should use some strong password of course.
    The bootloader is locked exactly for maintaining security, by the way.

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    Re: Lumia 800 - Bootloader locked

    If your app requires the security stack section of the cpu level to run then i dont think it will be ever available to mass market for WP.
    There is no native API that i'm aware of to do that.
    most of the secure stack section isnt actually used for this kind of stuff, it is mainly used for DRM protection afaik.
    Have you thought of cloud based storage for sensative stuff?

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