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    RConnection::Stop fails with -46, even with NetworkControl

    I want to close all connections associated with a particular IAP, I am able to enumerate the connection, when I try to call the Stop method I get -46.

    I have given NetworkControl caps to my dll and exe..

    Any help is highly appreciated.


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    Re: RConnection::Stop fails with -46, even with NetworkControl

    Basically you could always try using all capabilities you have, and see whether it works then. And by removing them one-by-one, you could find out the minimally needed capabilities. Also you could check (for example with Y-Tasks) that your process actually has the capabilities you think it has, basically, after you added the capability, it could be indeed that something went wrong, and the exe did not get the capability added.

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    Re: RConnection::Stop fails with -46, even with NetworkControl

    You may also want to double-check if the capabilities are really there. The toolchain sometimes misses new capabilities when you are trying to add them.
    Executing petran -dump s <your.exe> (and your.dll respectively) from a command line in the release folder will tell the capability set of the given binary.

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