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    How to remove Category Bar from main page?

    I am doing project for Nokia s-40 using lwuit.
    I have inserted category bar in middle page but I don't want it to be on my main page. How can I remove it??
    And how to change color of title in header bar?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: How to remove Category Bar from main page?

    the color of the title in the header bar is generaly the phone theme color however you can override the header bar with your own and draw it however you want, look in the theme in your resource file and search for FormTitle component to customize it.
    as for the category bar i dont understand exactly what you mean? if you dont want it in the main page then simply dont show it, but if you middle page is accessed only via the category bar and u wont display it in the main page then how will ever get to the middle page?

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    Re: How to remove Category Bar from main page?


    But like shai said, do make sure your Navigation doesnt break because of removing the category bar.

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