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    NAX implementation problem

    In my app i added Nax Option unfortunately it fails Quality for the reason of In app analytics privacy police & disable In app analytics

    if u have sample project (series 40 Java,web apps)to pass quality using Nax service kindly give me the link


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    Re: NAX implementation problem

    I think maybe you just need to add a screen before Main Menu screen with 2 buttons (agree and disagree) content as follow:

    [APP_NAME] is a J2ME based mobile game developed by [PUBLISHER_NAME] for Nokia [TARGET_DEVICE].

    [APP_NAME] use Nokia's In-App-Analytics to get user's location data. The location data will only be used to determine ads shown from Nokia Ads Exchange. [APP_NAME] will not gather, store, or use any other information except for determining ads shown from Nokia Ads Exchange.
    If user clicked "Agree", go to Main Menu screen.
    If user clicked "Disagree", exit the game or you can allow user keeps playing the game.
    Jeffrey Hermanto Halimsetiawan
    Game Developer | Mobile Apps Developer

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    Re: NAX implementation problem

    thanks i understand and kindly give me the sample code for java & web apps

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    Re: NAX implementation problem

    check the links below. these shows step by step integration of NAX
    for java app:-
    for web app :-
    in the header add
    <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="http://cdn2.inner-active.mobi/wv-js/inneractive_nokia_S40.js"></script>
    <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
    inneractive.parameters.divID = "inneractiveads";
    inneractive.parameters.appID = "app ID created in NAX account";

    in the body add
    <div id="ads" class="ui-ads">
    <div id="inneractiveads"></div>

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    Re: NAX implementation problem

    is it possible to show ads in any size or there is some standard size like in case of MS pubcenter Ads.

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