I use Interstitial Ad from Inneractive to my Windows Phone 8 project. However, I have an issue related to incorrect back button behavior.
When, Interstitial Ad is shown, there is no response when we press hardware back button and we must tap cancel (X) button on top right corner of the page.
I think Inneractive has done overridde OnBackKeyPress() method.
Is there any way to solve this problem?

Moreover, they provide 2 SDKs which are:
  1. Windows Phone 8 Version: 1.1.3 Date: 02/14/2013
  2. Windows Phone 7 Version: 1.1.2 Date: 2/12/2013

But, I can't add the WP8 Version SDK to my WP8 project so I try to use WP7 Version SDK and it works.
However, I found an issue there that every time I call method InneractiveAd.DisplayAd() with IaAdType_Interstitial type. In the debug mode, I always got this message "An exception of type 'System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException' occured in mscorlib.ni.dll and wasn't handled before a managed/native boundary".
Is anyone has the same problem with me?