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    xPress Browser 3.0: I hope this is a joke!


    I just watched http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=gBB-H61EoH8
    This Nokia Now thing is apparently a WebApp. Please tell I'm wrong, but as it seems, you have decided that the "next generation of full touch Ashas" should have
    1) a virtual button, despite having a hardware back button,
    2) a permanent, thick black menu bar on the bottom, instead of this one, unobtrusive transparent menu button,
    3) a different resolution than all existing full touch devices (for the worse)
    4) thanks to the menu bar, a different useable innerHeight than all other qvga Series40 devices.

    You must be kidding me, please tell me that I'm wrong. If not, I have some ideas for future products:
    A horizontal touch and type device,
    Rename mwl to nwl, just for fun,
    Add the notification/time bar so the useable innerHeight changes again,
    Abandon WebApps in favor of Qt/qml, but don't tell anyone for years.

    Sorry for this sarcasm.
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