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    Here map jar file in map application

    I am trying to include here map in my j2me app.
    I have included maps_api.jar as external jar file in my project.
    With this inclusion, my midlet crashes at the beginning but if I exclude it then my midlet is fine again.
    Any idea what is wrong here?

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    Re: Here map jar file in map application

    At a guess you may be trying to combine Direct Utils and Java SDK 1.1. with the deprecated version 1.1 of the maps_api.jar. There is a known bug that markers cannot be rendered on the map using this combination, the SDK will crash. A work around was added to version 1.2.

    The first thing to do is to update your maps jar(s). The single monolithic maps_api.jar is no longer current. Literally last week, the latest version 1.3 of the HERE Maps API was publically released and can be downloaded as part of the Asha SDK. This has a workaround to disable Direct Utils with a single line of code:

    A series of backwardly compatible sample Apps are now integrated into the SDK (Asha SDK 1.0) or you can download them here. You could also try any of the code examples from the wiki. If you use the latest maps_core.jar with the switch you should be fine.

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