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    Nokia Asha Emulator Error

    When I run the new Nokia Asha Emulator, I get the following error.

    Java SE Development (JDK) version 7 update 21 or later detected. Install JDK 7 Update 17 or earlier.

    I have reverted back to version 7 update 11, but still get this error. Can anyone suggest a fix? Strange that the Nokia SDK 2.0 emulator worked fine with the latest version of Java, but the newer Asha SDK doesn't work

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    Re: Nokia Asha Emulator Error

    I had to restart the machine and I had to use JRE 7 Update 17 as well (file: jre-7u17-windows-i586.exe). Consequently, it is not just the JDK you have to go back. Please, see its webpage for details about the requirements. Did my answer help?

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