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Thread: Apps for N8?

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    Question Apps for N8?

    I want to develop apps for Nokia but find it confusing about all the options.

    I've been creating some apps with Xpress Web App Builder, but when I go to http://store.ovi.com/ I don't find them. Why is that?

    I understand that Xpress Web App Builder creates apps for Asha phones. What do I have to do to make apps for phones with Symbian Anna, Belle and the like?


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    Re: Apps for N8?

    I suppose the options would be Symbian C++ & Qt, though if you have not developed with these options beforehand, I would not suggest starting to do so anymore.

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    Re: Apps for N8?

    If you take a look at https://www.developer.nokia.com/Devi...cations/N8-00/ you will realize that its a Symbian device with an option to even use Qt and the link too is provided to all the tools and SDK there on that page.

    Edit: This tab seems to be open for long enough for Jukka to answer it a few minutes before me Yes I agree with Jukka on the point that if you havent developed on Symbian beforehand, then I am afraid its a little late to benefit as much commercially from it as you would have before.
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    Re: Apps for N8?

    Actually if you already have a webapp i imagine your a web developer and you have web developer skills
    You can use WRT widgets for symbian devices (its not the BEST option because its still a webapp and not native but i imagine it will be the easiest for you)

    But do some research before to know if your app can work as a WRT widget if not then i suggest you go to the Qt/QML method.

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