I have one application that utilize the Call Audio Control API from the SDK API Plugin for S60 3rd FP2 (see http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...DK_API_Plug-in).

This means that a SISX file containing the API is included in the SISX file for the application - and the API is installed as the application is installed.

The SISX file with the API is signed by Nokia - and the problem is that the certificate has now expired (expired April 18 this year).
This means that the application no longer can be installed (without adjusting the time on the device).

Below is the output from SignSIS tool for the Call Audio Control SISX:

>>>signsis -o callAudioControl_32_0x10207bd2.SISX

Issued by Nokia Online CA.
Issued to Nokia.
Valid from 18/04/2008 to 18/04/2013.
Issued by Nokia Content Signing CA.
Issued to Nokia.
Valid from 22/10/2007 to 20/10/2012.

Question is how this can be fixed.
Do Nokia need to provide a version that is signed with a newer certificate (if so - when can this happen)? Is this still supported?
Or can this be fixed in some other way - can i sign it myself in some way?

Any ideas anyone?