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    Porting my apps to Asha 501

    Yesterday I downloaded the new Asha SDK in order to take a look how my apps would look like on the new Asha 501. (it's still not in RDA, is it?) The results are not so promising.

    First app runs, but the UI feels very cramped on the 320x240 display.

    Second needs to run in landscape mode, and the Asha simulator seems to ignore the Nokia-MIDlet-App-Orientation in the .jad file. Worse! Even if I manually switch the orientation to landscape (the simulator insists on always starting in portrait mode) it does not seem to call a sizeChanged() in my Canvas classes so in short - no way to even take a look at how this app would look.

    Third even worse. It's a 3G app using M3G . The app starts, splashscreen shows, first few frames of the 2D background show, but as soon as the first 3G frame begins rendering, the whole Asha simulator crashes. Have you even run a M3G app in this simulator?

    Besides, sound does not seem to work in the simulator.
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