Hi All,

in the gtp protocol implementation as per the ftp specification we have the following messages:

Charging related Cause values introduced for the present document:

In requests:

63 This node is about to go down

62 Another node is about to go down

61 The receive buffers are becoming full

60 The transmit buffers are becoming full
59 System failure

The use case for Another node is going down is that is :

If CGF(Which comprises of GTP node and communicates with GSN for cdrs) detects a link failure towards the Billing system then it generates a message with message "Another node is about to go down " it also suggests an alternative node for redirection if redirection request is enabled.

Now my question is :How does the CGF/GTP node detects the link failure towards Billing system as billing system is mostly different from CGF node...

Can any one suggest the standard way to do this.
Or where can i find its sample implementation...the specification document does not say any way to achieve this....
PLZ help.............................asap.