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    How to change the text in a label?

    I have written something in my label and displayed it on form.(i am new to j2me working on s40 app ..using sdk 2.0)
    Now when i am running my midlet again another label is formed at the bottom of previous label.

    I want the label should be same and new text to be displayed on it.

    How to do it?

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    Re: How to change the text in a label?

    Cut paste your code let, instead of appending the Label again and again, just use setText() to update the text already displayed on the label.

    Are you using LCDUI or LWUIT ?
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    Re: How to change the text in a label?

    sir i was switching from lwuit to lcdui and after working with the code of datefield(that u helped me with) i am switching back to lwuit because all my UI will be in lwuit.

    I used the code addcomponent at wrong place. Th code is now working fine sir.

    Thank you sir, Plz keep guiding as i am new to s40 apps.

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