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    Red face Database Date and Time Conversion

    Hi all,

    We have a database file from a Nokia N8 which has a date column with the following data:-


    The field is INT64. Does anyone know how to convert this into a human 'readable' date and time? The date and time and time should display '15/10/2012 14:16:13'

    What format is the origanal data stored in? Is it the number of nanoseconds from a start date?

    I am trying to convert this in microsoft excel. Here are some more examples:-

    63529263215689000 = 16/02/2013 09:34:33
    63529226555177000 = 15/02/2013 23:23:31
    63511711520467625 = 27/07/2012 19:36:29

    Thank you

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    Re: Database Date and Time Conversion

    it could be the TInt64 representation of TTime object:
    if you can't sort it out with some magical excel formula, try with a simple Symbian app:
    hope it helps

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