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    Post Error while Creating Smash Session

    Hey guys,
    Its good to see you after a very long time...

    Anyways..Well my problem is, i am using Hawaii Project Smash Service hosted by Microsoft Research.
    Well each application that uses a Project Hawaii service must authenticate itself with the service by using either a Hawaii Application ID or Azure Data Market (ADM) client ID and secret, I have Generate my Hawaii App ID (From Here)

    And i had also generated my ADM ClientID as well as Secret ID, to run the sample application in Hawaii Project i need to Edit the "HawaiiClient.cs" to enter my ADM credential as well as Hawaii GUID.

    I have done with all the above mentioned process, but still i am getting exception regarding my "Invalid ClientID" as shown in the figure below:

    I don't know what actually is the problem with my ADM clientID, but its the same i used to register the application at ADM the same error is showing on desktop based application also.

    Thank you
    Viral Parmar

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    Re: Error while Creating Smash Session

    I have solved it, its just required to purchase hawaii Free trial pack service.

    Visit this link to get Free trial Hawaii Service Pack

    Now its working like charm...

    Thank you..
    Viral Parmar

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