Hey guys,
Its good to see you after a very long time...

Anyways..Well my problem is, i am using Hawaii Project Smash Service hosted by Microsoft Research.
Well each application that uses a Project Hawaii service must authenticate itself with the service by using either a Hawaii Application ID or Azure Data Market (ADM) client ID and secret, I have Generate my Hawaii App ID (From Here)

And i had also generated my ADM ClientID as well as Secret ID, to run the sample application in Hawaii Project i need to Edit the "HawaiiClient.cs" to enter my ADM credential as well as Hawaii GUID.

I have done with all the above mentioned process, but still i am getting exception regarding my "Invalid ClientID" as shown in the figure below:

I don't know what actually is the problem with my ADM clientID, but its the same i used to register the application at ADM the same error is showing on desktop based application also.

Thank you