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    Nokia 2013 strategy and positioning

    Off topic l know , but please if anyone could help me l will be so thankful . my question is whats the Nokia 2013 strategy and positioning??
    This is what l can find but kind of outdated

    Nokia Strategy 2011 consists of three pillars:

    The next billion;
    Future disruptions.


    Beginning 2011, Nokia will use Microsoft’s Windows Phone for its main smartphone operating system. The reason for this is that the smartphone battle is now a war of ecosystems rather than just devices. An ecosystem consists of devices, services, third-party providers, a strong app market and delighted customers. Microsoft, Nokia and its other partners will form a strong ecosystem to bring innovation and choice into the market. MeeGo now becomes a platform for future disruption of the market through innovative and different devices. Symbian will continue to be supported and developed as the full product portfolio takes shape.

    The next billion

    Around 3.2 billion people do not currently own a mobile phone. Nokia’s reach, extensive product portfolio and market presence worldwide make it the best-placed manufacturer to supply the next billion mobile phone users with great devices and rich services suited to local needs. In addition, we’ll be taking the Internet to the users of these phones in their next step. The Series 40 operating system, Ovi Life Tools and Java development are keystones here

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    Re: Nokia 2013 strategy and positioning


    Key elements of Nokia’s strategy

    build a new winning mobile ecosystem in partnership with Microsoft
    bring the next billion online in developing growth markets
    invest in next-generation disruptive technologies
    increase our focus on speed, results and accountability

    Regaining leadership in the smartphone space

    To help us achieve our mission, Nokia has formed a strategic partnership with Microsoft that will, we hope, see us regain lost ground in the smartphone market. Together, we intend to build a global ecosystem that surpasses anything currently in existence. The Nokia-Microsoft ecosystem will deliver differentiated and innovative products with unrivalled scale in terms of product breadth, geographical reach and brand identity.

    Connecting the next billion

    In feature phones, Nokia’s strategy is to leverage its innovation and strength in growth markets to connect even more people to their first internet and application experience. By providing compelling, affordable and localised mobile experiences, particularly to emerging markets, our ambition is to bring the next billion online.

    We will continue the renewal of our Series 40 platform in QWERTY, touch & type, dual SIM, Nokia services, including Maps, Browser, Life Tools, Web apps and Money. We are also investing in the future; developing assets (platform, software, apps), which will bring a modern mobile experience to consumers and enable business opportunities for developers.

    Driving change

    Stephen Elop, Nokia President and CEO

    Our new strategy is supported by changes in Nokia’s leadership, operational structure and approach. The renewed governance will expedite decision-making and improve time-to-market of products and innovations, placing a heavy focus on results, speed and accountability.

    Nokia’s strategy is about investing in and ensuring Nokia’s future. “I have incredible optimism,” said Stephen Elop, Nokia President and CEO, “because I can see fresh opportunity for us to innovate, to differentiate, to build great mobile products, like never before, and at a speed that will surpass what we have accomplished in the past.”

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    Re: Nokia 2013 strategy and positioning

    Quote Originally Posted by petrib View Post
    We will continue the renewal of our Series 40 platform …
    That renewal is the new Asha software platform (Smarterphone) with the lead device Nokia Asha 501 which will be release in the next month. Beside Microsoft Windows Phone, Nokia Series 40, this add the third operating system. upsmac736, which software platform are you targeting?

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