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    Nokia MiB and Nokia 501

    Nokia store added new spotlight required image size when publishing an app to the 501 (the size is 120x60)
    But MiB doesnt produce this image when selecting assets for Nokia store promotion.

    So please forward this to MiB people.

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    Re: Nokia MiB and Nokia 501

    There is some information missing about this new banner. We got a new publisher guideline, but there is only a sentence that tell us that it exists. No further information where it will displayed, and in which context.

    I have asked there a question in the publisher forum, but got no answer yet:

    It would be great to get some answer so we are less confused.
    Also I look forward to have the 501 with all the nice new colors in "Marketing in a Box" Banner generator.


    Karsten Meier

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    Re: Nokia MiB and Nokia 501

    Hi Shai, Karsten,

    I've posted these to the team in charge of MiB.


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    Re: Nokia MiB and Nokia 501

    Was going to post the same thing about the generator not supporting this size.

    Also, not sure if this is actually a planned feature, but another unusual thing about the new 120x60 px banner is that the publish site didn't allow PNGs with alpha channel for it, even though the images didn't really have any transparent areas. Screenshot PNGs, which also had alpha channel (but no transparency, which is AFAIK not supported for screenshots either) were accepted without complaints during the same session.

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