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    WAV files as rintones for the 3650

    hi, i hope there is someone who can help me...
    i have a nokia 3650 and i have a couple of wav files i want to use as ring tones. the phone can play them fine when i preview them, but when someone rings me it plays the nokia tune by default. is there anyway i can have a WAV file as a ringtone? or does the wav file have to be a certain size or lenght? Idont have a bluetooth or IR connection, i transfer data to and from my pc using the phones flash card in a card reader drive.

    any help is much appreciated

    simon smyth

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    if the file has been saved u will c the song in the recorder??? correct?
    it would be easier to rename the file 2 sumthing different (i.e the song)

    if u den go 2 profiles and then personalise,if u go 2 ringtone type,u shud c the file u saved (song title)
    select this file.then go bak to activate.

    that's the only think i can think off.

    hope that helps

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    the answer to your question is the 3650 will not play any file as a ringtone unless it is in the C:/nokia/sounds/digital folder
    or the
    E:/sounds/digital folder

    get yourself a file explorer and move the files in there or use the 3650 program with your pc and transfer them into that folder, i garuntee it will then work

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