Hello Nokia devs,

Short introduction: I began learning JavaME back in 2006 in my sparetime. Took me 3 years before I felt I had a good grip on it. Then came iPhone, Android and Windows Phone - and they all decided to NOT support JavaME.

Since keeping up with all the new languages, that is constantly emerging, isn't part of my hobby, I'm mostly sticking with JavaME. And since Nokia seems to be the only company still releasing phones that runs JavaME, here I am.
I have been looking into Android development as well, but JavaME is more intriguing to me.

For the past 2 years, my girlfriend and me (LuBlu Entertainment, www.lublu.dk) has been working on our 4th game title in our sparetime. (Yes, it takes that long when you have daytime jobs and kids among other things to take care of too ;-)
It's a very simple and small arcade game, support for both buttons and touch screen. (And yes, graphics has improved a great deal compared to our first 3 games).

This game will be our first Android title, but also our 4th JavaME title. We've been developing it for both platforms simultaneously, by using a small framework I've also developed, allowing me to simply copy'n'paste 90% of the code between projects.

Since we're getting closer to the end of the project, soon we'll have to look into publishing, and I'm hoping to be able to publish for the Nokia JavaME enabled devices.

Anyway, I have 2 questions for now:

1) I see that Nokia has expanded their UI API quite a lot. I trust there's still support for standard JavaME classes? I'm not using the FullCanvas class, but rather GameCanvas for example. (Have to ask this before I go out and buy an Asha test device).
2) I know that Nokia creates a lot of their own JAD attributes. I don't suppose I'd be so lucky that they've invented some clever attributes for serving multiple icon sizes for various platforms, similar to what Android does? If not, what is the one icon size to use nowadays to support most possible devices?

Any other advice you might have is also most welcome.