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    [moved] please help,how i show number of buttons on list in lwuit1.5

    i am working on S40 using sdk2.0 and lwuit 1.5. My requirment is that i want to show button in list.Is that possible . Can we any components add in list .i am giving url bellow .you can guess very well what is my requirmenthttp://imgur.com/avh768o.
    sir please help me i got stuck from last 3 days

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    Re: [moved] please help,how i show number of buttons on list in lwuit1.5

    now you have asked this question in different ways in almost three threads so i request you to please continue this on only one thread.

    Now regarding your question, definitely you can add whatever components you want in your list, you a your own listcellrenderer, extend that from Component or Container. And add Button as a component in it.

    That should server the purpose !!

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