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    How to use Mirrorlink in Nokia N97 mini

    usage of Mirror link in Nokia N97 mini,wat is the procedure by ippassthrough.

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    Re: How to use Mirrorlink in Nokia N97 mini

    Can you specify in more details on what do you want to achieve and how ?

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    Re: How to use Mirrorlink in Nokia N97 mini

    You can find the MirrorLink-certified Nokia products here: https://cert.mirrorlink.com/ProductListing/ - they are all Symbian^3 (Anna, Belle) devices.
    The N97/N97 mini is not listed. Both of them are Symbian^1 devices FYI.
    For further usage information about Nokia MirrorLink products, consider referring the product support site, http://www.nokia.com and its discussion boards, http://www.nokia.com/discussions

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