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    Auto attending function at my call recipient

    I just would like to find about if the following condition is possible:

    Let say, I make a call on your cell phone (nokia 1208 or 1200) and my call should be attended on your cell phone without any vibration or bell.

    Can it be possible?

    If yes, then how?

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    Re: Auto attending function at my call recipient

    hi asad111! im assuming you are using java? first you have to get the incoming number of the caller or an incoming call state (but AFAIK its not possible since it lacks telephony api).. then you have to access the javax.microedition.lcdui.Display class to turn off all vibration and tones.

    you can check out http://jcp.org/en/jsr/detail?id=253 for the mobile telephony api if majority of the phones support it.


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    Re: Auto attending function at my call recipient

    These models are not programmable at all (not even Java is supported), so the answer is no.
    (Side note: Java ME is not the environment where you can control things anyway, switching vibration off and muting the sound via Display would affect the actual Midlet only, not the device)

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    Re: Auto attending function at my call recipient

    This won't work on your current phone, but Symbian devices have APIs for listening for ringing and answering incoming calls. On some devices, calls can be answered totally silently as you request - on others, there is a brief sound or vibration, even though the call is answered immediately after receiving the first notification for the incoming call. Silent answering of course works on these devices too, if profile is silent and vibration is off.

    I have a Symbian application on Nokia Store, which automatically answers calls from all or selected numbers:

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