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    How to cancel a .NET Web Service connection?

    Using the wscompile tool I generated one class in order to consume a .NET web service, but, I need to cancel the operation when the response is to huge that takes many seconds. I'm not talking about the timeout, the communication with the server is ready, but the XML is to huge or the network is so slow.

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    Re: How to cancel a .NET Web Service connection?

    In "normal" Java you simply close the Socket, and based on http://docs.oracle.com/javame/config...onnection.html, I would assume the same here. Of course here I also assume that you have access to the corresponding WhateverConnection object.

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    Re: How to cancel a .NET Web Service connection?

    Thank you for take a while and response. Ok, but the two files generated by the wscompile tool are:

    MyWSConnectionSoap.java - interface that extends from java.rmi.Remote
    MyWSConnectionSoap_Stub.java - class that implements the MyWSConnectionSoap and javax.xml.rpc.Stub

    So, I'm sure I can not use the close() method, but let me know if I'm wrong.


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