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    Windows Phone 8 Public Transit Routes

    The Here transit app for windows phone 8 devices displays public transit routes but the Nokia maps API does not seem to support public transit routing. Will this feature be coming soon to the Routing API for Windows Phone 8 ?

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    Re: Windows Phone 8 Public Transit Routes

    HERE Transit is generally speaking 3rd party application, if you look it from the Windows Phone 8 OS point of view, and SDK APIs are indeed part of the platform, so they are two different things. Currently the docs are indicating that the Maps API only has TravelMode for driving & walking, thus these would be the usable options.

    And as there has not been (I at least have not seen) any announcement on extending these, then the answer to your question would be simply No.

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    Re: Windows Phone 8 Public Transit Routes

    Maybe you should provide feedback on the UserVoice page for Windows Phone development http://wpdev.uservoice.com/forums/110705-dev-platform. Some of the wishes there are getting implemented...

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