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    No NFC apps for Symbian

    Hi all
    Tell me why there is hardly two or three good NFC apps for Symbian.
    Only NFCinteractor - but it is very complicated
    and then Nokia NFC Writer - it's good but there is no option to launch app or change settings by tapping a tag. I think these two things (launch app, settings) are most useful about NFC tags.
    Look at the Windows Marketplace - there are even up to 3 applications which allow user to change settings and launch system or installed apps (Nokia NFC Writer; NFC Launchit; NFC Publisher; NFC actions).
    Why there is no option change settings, launch app inside Nokia NFC Writer for Symbian??? What's the problem?

    Thank you in advanced for reading this.
    I hope someone develops a great symbian application with all these possibilities.
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