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    Lightbulb [App Request] Vivaz Pro's Unresponsive Touchscreen

    [Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro] Concept Solutions
    I realize I was looking for something in the wrong place and I realized that I worded it wrong.
    So I bought a phone that I figured I could work around the problem...realized with it in hand, it is actually much more harder.

    I'm asking for an applet to be developed -not needed before with this issue- or at least how to possibly make this applet .
    The only other reason to have this is for Slate phones when using fingers are tough.

    Known Problems
    - Touchscreen doesn't respond
    - The screen becomes unresponsive even after repair [Link 001, Link 002, Link 003 & Link 004]

    The Concept - Vivaz Pro MouseKeys
    The Explaination

    - The idea is to workaround the problem; turning a Touch phone to a Non-Touch phone (Its possible & easier due to Arrow Keys)
    - The applet/service acts like Windows XP Mousekeys. Using the Arrow keys instead of the Numpad and a button to Left Click seeing as there isn't any right click
    - I have a Laptop (Dell Latitude D800) which has no touch screen capability and the touchpad mouse no longer works (Same as my U8a) I use Window's Mousekeys to navigate through the computer
    - The concept is more universal to have the on-screen mouse act as touch than trying to have an applet tag then navigate from every option on the screen (Then again I don't know)
    - MouseKeys Mode button + Arrow buttons to move crosshairs over area

    The Function (Refined)
    - To Activate Mode; Toggle ("Ctrl + Aqua + Shift" then Arrow Keys); Hold ("Ctrl +" Arrow Keys)
    = Customize Toggle; Choose Button[SYM, ?!, Letter, etc]; Amount of Buttons [1-3+,Video];
    Hold to Toggle Time [Millisecs]; Input Order ["Ctrl > Shift > Aqua" or "Shift > Ctrl > Aqua"]
    = Customize Hold; Choose Button [SYM, ?!, Letter, etc]

    - Select Button; Internet Button, Enter, Space or Custom Key

    - Crosshair; Small Cross, Fullscreen Cross or Mouse Cursor

    Moving Coverage
    - Rate of Moving; Primary; Secondary; Custom % of screen resolution; Specific Location
    = Primary Rate; Arrow Keys Rate without Holding/Toggling Key(s); Customize seconds only; 1px/sec when holding arrow keys
    = Secondary Rate; Hold/Toggle Key(s); Custom pixels per sec (Or sec/px) when Holding/Toggled or Single Pressed

    = Custom % of screen resolution; % of Length; % of Width; On every Pixel Length; On every Pixel Width
    - Screen Resolution is 340 by 640; Rotation = Landscape
    - Setting is Percent for Length and On every Pixel for Width
    - 7% of Width = 23.8 = 24 (rounded, once)
    - Length on every 10th pixel
    What Happens
    - Width; Crosshair moves by adding/subtracting 24 pixels from location
    - Length; Crosshair moves -10 times across the screen- from pixel 0, 64, 128, 192, 256, etc

    = Specific Locations; Menu of Locations (Name - Pixel by Pixel); Path of Locations (Name, Px by Px in Info); Select (User-Confirm, Auto or None)
    - Screen Resolution is 340 by 640; Rotation = Portrait
    - Menu of Locations; Bottom Left Option - 330 x 630
    - Select, Auto; At the End
    What Happens
    - Crosshair moves to 340 by 640 over Option "Ok" then Selects "Ok"
    - Screen Resolution is 340 by 640; Rotation = Landscape;
    - Name - Gesture, No Select
    - Path of Locations; Move to "64 x 20" > Holds on "64 x 20" > Move to "128 x 20" > Move to "128 x 30" and Release on "128 x 50"
    What Happens
    - Crosshair moves to "64 x 20" > Holds on "64 x 20" > Move to "128 x 20" to "128 x 30" and Release on "128 x 50
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