My content for J2ME passed for other platforms and devices, but failed for Asha 501, with the following issue:

Michell (NS-QA) (Fri, 21 Jun 2013 08:16:15 +0000)

Passed QA with the following issue:
SUMMARY: Option menu includes EXIT functionality.
1. Download and install the content.
2. Launch the application.
3. Open Options menu.
ACTUAL RESULT: Option menu of the content includes EXIT functionality.
EXPECTED RESULT: EXIT is not allowed to be included in options menu. Content should only be closed by swipe or hardware Back-button.
AFFECTED DEVICES: Nokia Asha Software Platform 1.0 and onwards devices
Does "Content should only be closed by swipe or hardware Back-button" mean, that also exit button in application main screen is forbidden? My app has exit button in the main screen as well, but it might be that the options menu testcase was in the list before check for other ways of exiting.

I took a look at the latest Nokia Store Content Guidelines (1.5), and there's still the following condition for Java Applications: The application must meet the Unified Testing Criteria for quality

The UTC criteria (June 2012 final) in turn has the following item:
FN8 Main menu requirements: The main functionalities of Exit, Help and About are easily available through the main menu.

In my application's case, options menu is the main menu, as the app lands directly to main view without going through any intermediate menu, so it seems that it's impossible to satisfy both the UTC and new Asha requirements.

I guess a possible workaround would be to check if the system property com.nokia.keyboard.type equals "OnekeyBack" and in that case not add the exit item in the menu (or button anywhere else?). However, this means that basically all old applications need to be "ported" in order to pass QA for Asha Platform. Would it be easier just to allow the old style exit functionality, at least for apps such as this that have a completely custom UI and don't even try to look like the native Asha apps.