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    Help with method to handle the Lock Screen..

    Hi, I’m Stefano and I would like to know if there is a method to handle the lockscreen.
    I wish that when I unlock the black screen of the mobile phone (Nokia N9), opens in a Qt application (which I created), but I do not know code to handle the lock screen.
    The application is simply an application that when you unlock the phone, to enter the menu of the smartphone (Nokia N9), it asks you for the password, it is a security application for your phone.

    Thanks to all

    I solved in this way:

    I have included this in the main.qml file:
    import QtMobility.sensors 1.2
    import QtMobility.location 1.1
    import QtMobility.systeminfo 1.2
    I have add this code on main.qml file:

    DeviceInfo {
          monitorLockStatusChanges: true
          onLockStatusChanged: {
          if (!isDeviceLocked) {
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