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    Are the FREE 2500 API calls limitation counted as API calls or are the IP based calls????


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    Quote Originally Posted by cmilian View Post
    Are the FREE 2500 API calls limitation counted as API calls or are the IP based calls?
    A bit of both really - this is covered in the Licensing and Terms section of the FAQ - point 14. The use of features is defined per transaction, which may be on a request-by- request basis, or may be a session-by-session basis depending upon the feature in question - for example IIRC you don't count a transaction for individual Map tiles, but you do count for each session of using the map. However something like making a geocode request would count as a transaction. You should also check out the section under API Access Control

    You should also bear the following caveat in mind. The advice on this discussion board is usually limited to questions based directly on software development, so I personally couldn't claim to be able to give a comprehensive answer to T&C questions such as this. I'm not a lawyer, I'm a developer. My advice to get the definitive answer here would be to contact the sales team directly - just click the contact us button at the bottom of the plans page

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