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    Auto launch with custom URI

    I want to auto launch application with custom URI; tag has URI myprotocol:MainPage?type=1&uid=123456789.
    In WMAppManifest I have:

    <Protocol Name="myprotocol" NavUriFragment="encodedLaunchUri=%s" TaskID="_default" />

    When I tap a tag, it says "this will open an app associated with myprotocol ", but then nothing happened.

    I installed application from Visual Studio, could it be reason why this protocol is not registered for my application.
    Or I missed something else?

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    Re: Auto launch with custom URI

    Hey Alex, did You solve it? I'm on my way to implement the same thing for my app so Your experience might come in handy!

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    Re: Auto launch with custom URI

    You might want to look into the samples and accompanying video material on the topic here: http://blogs.windows.com/windows_pho...s-phone-8.aspx

    The NFC sample should be a good starting point (a lot more connectivity related stuff is covered there).

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    Re: Auto launch with custom URI

    In my opinion you should first implement the URI associations and then step to NFC.

    There are some articles on URI associations on the wiki, as e.g. URI associations for Windows Phone. Did you implement the UriMapper?

    On MSDN there is the URI Association Sample that can be used to launch arbitrary URIs.

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    Re: Auto launch with custom URI

    Agree with Thomas (Influencer). If you can verify your URI association works, then at least you know that the problem is something to do with NDEF end of things. It might simply be that your app is failing before it is visibly launched.

    There are a bunch of other topics in wiki about URI associations and launching from bluetooth/NFC:
    and more .... - check out Category:NFC_on_Windows_Phone

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