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    Inquiry on S40 Web Apps: About the code for AppId.

    Dear Friends, fellow Nokia Developers.

    I need to ask about something.
    From what I've learned in the guidelines:

    //Mandatory parameters
    inneractive.parameters.divID = "inneractiveBanner";
    inneractive.parameters.appID = "MyCompany_MyApp";

    I presume that we have to define the appID, let say my company name is Pandit and my app is FineApps, then It would become:

    //Mandatory parameters
    inneractive.parameters.divID = "inneractiveBanner";
    inneractive.parameters.appID = "Pandit_FineApps";

    and I need to code it before I upload the web apps to nokia publisher.

    However, when everything is done with QA, and I got the download link from ovi store the process is then register it to NAX including the name of Apps, the device, that is Nokia and the download link.
    I then find from the NAX dashboard, the Analytics become "Pandit_FineApps_Nokia"

    My question is: should I write:

    //Mandatory parameters
    inneractive.parameters.divID = "inneractiveBanner";
    inneractive.parameters.appID = "Pandit_FineApps_Nokia";

    or the previous one?

    Mucho Gracias in advance guys

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    Re: Inquiry on S40 Web Apps: About the code for AppId.

    You should use the appID that NAX gives you.

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