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    Design Preview Won't be Scrolled Down?

    Dear Nokia developers,
    I downloaded and installed the Nokia Asha Web App Tools 3.0 and am trying to learn the features and currently I am trying to develop my first mobile apps using this software. It's very nice, very useful but I've got a problem with the Design Preview. Somehow the Design Preview won't be scrolled down. The program runs very well on Local Preview, and Cloud Preview though. I can see the result from there. But of course watching the design preliminary result on the Design Preview feature will be very much helpful to immediately modify the things.

    Is there anyone who also experienced this. Anyone can help?

    Thank you very much in advance.

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    Re: Design Preview Won't be Scrolled Down?

    I already got the answer myself. I found it by modifying the style. I modified the height. and it works, previously it was much lower.

    <div class="ui-content">
    <!-- main-content -->
    <div class="slideLeft" id="sliderArea" style="width:700px; height: 600px; " >

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    Re: Design Preview Won't be Scrolled Down?

    Adding a fixed height to an element maybe fixes the design preview but will probably break the design. What happens if you add content below the element with the fixed height?

    The design preview is the last thing you should have in mind when coding. I always deactivate it since it looks very different to the real results.

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