Congratulations to Jukka Silvennoinen (symbianyucca), our Poster of the Month for June!

Jukka is a member of the Nokia Developer technical services team, a moderator, a former Champion, and a long term member of the community (2001!). While supporting developers on our forums is something he is encouraged to do as part of his role, the time he spends on the discussion boards (and wiki) both in work and his own time is "well beyond the call of duty". Jukka will not be sent a prize because he's a Nokia employee: so please join me to congratulate and thank him for being a great member of the community.

We'd also like to make an "honourable mention" to other key contributors this month, including Traud, shai.i and wizard_hu_.




The Nokia Developer Discussion Boards Poster of the Month is awarded based on the quality, camaraderie, consistency, and to some small extent the quantity of discussion board responses as judged by the Nokia Developer Moderators. In addition to receiving a high end Nokia device POM winners are considered in Champion selection rounds and gain the respect of their peers. It also looks pretty good on your resume!