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    Question Change Z-Index of MapOverlay objects within a MapLayer?

    Hey all,

    Is anyone aware of a method to change the z-index of MapOverlay objects within a MapLayer? My scenario is a large number of pins are displayed, with many overlapping, and a listbox below the map that shows the POIs - the Pins and POI list share the same datasource. I have determined which POIs are visible within the ListBox and update a property on the underlying datasource such that the related pins on the map surface scale up, making them easier to find. Ideally I would like to pop them into the foreground also but I have been unable to find a way to do this without rebuilding the MapLayer, adding the foreground pins last - hardly the most efficient approach. I had hoped that MapLayer inherited from canvas and I could access a z-index property, but it inherits from Panel.

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: Change Z-Index of MapOverlay objects within a MapLayer?

    AFAIK there is no functionality for changing the map objects Z-order, unfortunately.

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