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    [moved] increasing scrolling speed in j2me.

    I want to increase my scrolling speed in canvas of j2me.. I have used keyPressed() and keyRepeated() method but it scrolls by the default speed of my phone.. But i have some midlets which can scroll really very fast so i want the procedure how to increase the speed of scrolling in j2me canvas..

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    Re: [help] increasing scrolling speed in j2me.

    Speed depends on movement amount over some time. You can either increase the movement amount ("step size") or reduce the time passing between steps. As you mention key handlers, their invocation frequency is probably constant, so you can may want to experiment with increasing the step size of the translation when you detect repeated keypresses. When the scrolling is over, reset the step size to its original value.

    EDIT: thread is moved to the Java boards now. Consider asking further Java ME questions there.
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