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    [moved] please help,how to show items in listview in S40

    I am working on S40 using sdk2.0 and lwuit1.5.I am sending you a follwoing link http://imgur.com/w1syCMI after seen that snapshoot u will look a dialog box comes after onclick which have list view and options are Favourite,Settings,Refresh,About us.now how it is possible which component i am to use to make this UI.Second thing is that when i click any option it should look that click event performing on a square.
    please help me i got stuck tell me how can i make this UI
    please reply I need in urgent.I am standing on this code from last 3 days so please reply
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    Re: please help,how to show items in listview in S40

    This is a complex UI.You can achieve this using nested Containers,each with a different layout.There may be more than one way to achieve this.
    This is what came to my mind
    Add a boxlayout with BoxLayout.X_AXIS alignment as the Layout of the Form
    Add two containers to it.
    The first container should have BoxLayout_YAXIS as layout.Add the fav,settings,refresh,etc buttons to this first container.

    Alternatively,check out Hamberger Side Menu from Codename One.It may be of some use.Codename One is similar to LWUIT in many ways.


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    Re: please help,how to show items in listview in S40

    As suggested already, "You may consider starting to create UI-related questions in the UI-related board."

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    Re: [moved] please help,how to show items in listview in S40

    vikrant, you were already answered to this question in this thread http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...using-lwuit1-5

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