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    Want info about WebApps.

    I want to develop WebApps with my mobile Nokia 2700 classic, so I wanna know what is in the JAR file, I can see that but wanna wheather JARs of all web apps have same thing or not. I can see some classes like "lang-fr-CA" etc. in the index, I think they all are there in every web app. And also wanna know how the JAD and MANIFEST.MF is. Do I have to have a site with URL hosted at "browser.ovi.com/wam"?

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    Re: Want info about WebApps.

    Hi DarkNinja, if you wanted to develop webapps for s40 OS here's a good link to start to:

    Since nokia is focussing on the new asha you might want to try the new webtools here:

    java and webapps are absolutely different and different tools are needed. You might want to try this xpresswebapp builder http://xpresswebapps.nokia.com/ if this works in your mobile phone... no coding required
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    Re: Want info about WebApps.

    For some collected information you may also want to read the FAQ: http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...web_apps_-_FAQ
    As Web Apps run in the browser, the associated JAR file is most likely a launcher (there is a Java ME call to invoke the browser and some other applications http://www.developer.nokia.com/Resou...n-java-me.html), however it certainly varies a bit as it starts different URL-s, has different names and may have different icons.

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