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    Directives or references to absent EditingSession

    I have a problem with the use of the object EditingSession, Visual Studio reports a lack of using directives or references to assemblies and IntelliSense does not propose anything.

    Project references are: Nokia.Graphics.Imaging, Nokia.Graphics.Imaging.Managed and Nokia.InteropServices.WindowsRuntime.

    The documentation on the site presents problems because the pages relating to class EditingSession give 404 error.
    How can I fix?

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    Re: Directives or references to absent EditingSession

    Sorry i don't understand the problem. Can you show a few code?

    EditingSession have been splitted with the new API. You should update your code :
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    Re: Directives or references to absent EditingSession

    It is not a mistake of writing the code, it is an error due to lack of libraries or directives.
    I hope that the image makes a better idea.

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    Re: Directives or references to absent EditingSession

    Yes, you are right about that it is easy to find example code with the old API, like https://projects.developer.nokia.com...rexplorer/wiki or http://developer.nokia.com/Community..._Cartoon_Photo (*)
    However if you check the Nokia Imaging SDK page, http://developer.nokia.com/Resources...aging-sdk.html, those "Updated" markers are there for a reason, the SDK has been updated. See http://developer.nokia.com/Resources...o-upgrade.html, especially the sample code fragment.

    ( (*) Remark: while the first link was an "official" example, the projects service is about to get shut down and content is moved to github. And the current version, https://github.com/nokia-developer/filter-explorer, and the current explanation page http://developer.nokia.com/Resources...-explorer.html do not use EditingSession any more. The second link is user generated content, so it is subject of going outdated without any notice/action taken from Nokia side, but it will likely get replaced/updated as there is a Wiki competition right now, about the new SDK - you may see a gray announcement about it on this very page, a bit above these post, unless you have closed it earlier.)

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