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    PC Connectivity API ?

    Hi, Is there a special discussion thread for PC Suite Connectivity SDK ?

    I've been searching the internet for three days, looking for a sample code to read Nokia phone sms inbox, since new Nokia cell phones do not implement AT Commands for reading SMS, I discovered that Nokia has a connectivity API, Nokia has sample code to access content, called PIMNavigator (C#), which crashes at startup with AV exception. Why Nokia did not fixed the sample code?

    Is there a working copy of PIMNavigator project?


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    Re: PC Connectivity API ?

    Nokia stopped development of the PC Suite APIs some years ago, and the discussion boards for that have been archived a while ago:


    There used to be two versions of the PC Suite API; a public, more limited version, and a more comprehensive set of APIs which was available to Forum Nokia PRO -program members only. I don't know whether the more comprehensive set was ever made more widely available with the the renaming of Forum Nokia to Nokia Developer and other changes in the structure of the developer programs.

    Whatever you might find in the archives or the wiki is probably all there is ever going to be as far as PC Suite APIs go.

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