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    onComplete not called after search timeout

    Having looked through the HERE Web API documentation for nokia.places.search.manager, it states that the function onComplete is called when a request has completed and that a status of either "OK" or "ERROR" will be returned, the later indicating a failure or timeout.


    Running an example through a proxy with throttling (to ensure the search results take over 10 seconds), I see the error "Timeout - cannot connect to the server" being logged to the console but the callback onComplete is not being executed.

    I'm seeing this behaviour on Firefox 22.0 under Windows 7 64-bit.

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    Re: onComplete not called after search timeout

    As a rough workaround to this issue, I've wrapped the findPlaces function call with with another function that makes use of a timeout to determine if more that 10.5 seconds have elapsed without the success callback having been fired.

    HTML Code:
    // Allow 10.5 seconds for the Nokia results to return (Nokia times out after 10 seconds)
    function findPlaces(searchTerm, onCompleteCallback) {
        'use strict';
        // Setup timeout to call the callback with timeout results after 10.5 seconds
        var nokiaFindPlacesTimeoutHandler = setTimeout(function () {
            onCompleteCallback(null, 'TIMEOUT');
        console.time('Time to retrieve search results from Nokia');
            searchTerm: searchTerm,
            onComplete: function (nokiaSearchResponseView, status) {
                console.timeEnd('Time to retrieve search results from Nokia');
                // We successfully recieved the results so clear the timeout
                onCompleteCallback(nokiaSearchResponseView, status);

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